About me!

Currently a practicing artist based in Montreal, I grew up in a home being told that art wasn’t important and couldn't be a real job. But every day I woke up I knew in my soul that I needed to create. Through many struggles and trial and error, I eventually came to realize that there are no lack of resources, there is only a lack of resourcefulness. Through passion and perseverance, I now get to do what I love every day and offer a contribution to the world that I find truly meaningful. 

What types of things do you make or get hired for?

List of available commissions and capacities is here. Although I do specialize in certain areas, I love all sorts of projects and am excited to find anything new that inspires me. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas and needs!

How far are you willing to travel?

There is no limit to how far I will go for an inspiring project. All travel expenses and boarding costs will be negotiated as a part of the contract. Visas for certain countries will have to be applied for on a per project basis. 

How long do we have to hire you for?

I have worked on a contract anywhere from a couple days to several years. If it fits into previous bookings then I can be available. 

Do you work remotely?

Yes. Often I will work with a team remotely for several months, and then travel to the location for the installation and the event.

Will you ship your installations without having to attend the event?

It's extremely rare that I do this. However each project, event and installation is unique and I am always open to the possibility. 

Do you ship your pre-made or custom work?

Absolutely. Shipping options will be negotiated during any custom sale, or are already determined for already produced work. See available work here.

Any other questions?

As all jobs are custom, please feel free to contact me about any questions you may have. We can't know if we're a good fit until we start to have a conversation. Communication is the foundation of everything, so please don't be shy!